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Crossbow Riser

LFT is the “enabling technology” without which this product would never have become commercial. Complex part geometry and high strength requirements translated to very high production costs to make the part from metal. Standard short glass fibre did not provide the dimensional stability or strength required. LFT has in fact provided the technology for a world first in this piece of sporting equipment.

Careful analysis of fibre orientation was required to ensure the part operated as required. This resulted in selecting a gate location in a surprising position. The 3-Dimensional carbon fibre matrix allows the stress during operation to be distributed over a large area, effectively increasing the load limits under which it can safely function.

The result is a light weight, strong, functional and aesthetically pleasing part which is easy to manufacture for a commercially viable cost.

The success of this first part has inspired the company to press forward and develop more parts for their crossbow from LFT technology.