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Polystruct Agility

Duromer’s new ultra-high flow LFT Compounds

The constant push for thinner wall sections and lighter weight parts places increased demands on high performance moulding compounds to achieve more and more with less and less.

Duromer has recently developed a range of High Flow Long Glass Fibre Nylon compounds under the brand name Polystruct Agility. Polystruct Agility has >100% spiral flow when compared to standard LGF Nylon compounds available on the market today.

Normally high flow is achieved only with direct trade-off in physical properties, especially impact toughness. Polystruct Agility achieves increased flow without trading off any Impact strength, Tensile Strength or Stiffness.

Wall thickness of less than 1.0 mm and down to 0.5 mm are achievable with high glass fibre contents.

Benefits over standard grades may include

  • Fill longer flow paths
  • Ability to pack out mouldings
  • Improved surface aesthetics
  • Less clamping tonnage required
  • Lower injection pressure
  • Lower melt temperatures
  • Better colour stability
  • Faster and more complete fill
  • Faster cycle times
  • More stable process
  • Reduced wall sections & lighter parts

Polystruct Agility PA6 Range includes the following glass loadings

  • LGF20-PA6
  • LGF30-PA6
  • LGF40-PA6
  • LGF50-PA6
  • LGF60-PA6

Duromer manufactures all of its Long Glass Fibre compounds in Sydney Australia. Products are available in 25k foil lined bags and bulk boxes.

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