Long Fibre Thermoplastic

Polystruct (Long Fibre Thermoplastic – LFT) bridges the gap between slow, labour intensive continuous fibre reinforced composites and traditional low-tech Short Fibre Thermoplastic composites.

Polystruct allows the use of rapid low cost repeatable manufacturing process such as injection moulding coupled with the high design freedom and light weight corrosion resistant properties of thermoplastics.

Duromer Products is the first and only manufacturer of LFT compounds (Polystruct) in the Oceania region. We are expert in understanding the specific performance attributes of Polystruct (LFT) as a material choice and we have a strong track-record of assisting customers to realise these benefits through intelligent product design processes.

It is critical to develop an understanding of the required performance of the part in question along with the intended operating environment. From this standpoint, Duromer can recommend appropriate grades of Polystruct coupled with suggestions on gate design and location which can then be vetted through iterative Mould Flow and Finite Elements Analysis (MFA and FEA).

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Design Process

Freedom of Design

Polystruct (Long Fibre Thermoplastic – LFT) offers the highest degree of design freedom compared to fibre length available from reinforced polymeric materials. Polytruct combines the benefits of Injection Moulding (and other rapid manufacturing processes) with the increase performance inherent with very long glass fibres. Polystruct can be used in existing tooling for incremental improvement of existing products. However, Duromer recommends a ground up design approach with Polystruct to deliver maximised performance. Beginning with an understanding of the performance requirements of product in question coupled with the operating environment, Duromer can recommend a suitable grade of Polystruct. We will consider polymer systems, choice of reinforcement and performance additives. Duromer offers intelligent materials choice combined with an intelligent design process.

Long vs. Short

Measuring Up

Polystruct (Long Fibre Thermoplastic – LFT) differs from traditional thermoplastic compounds (Short Fibre Thermoplastic – SFT) based on the length of the reinforcing fibres. Polystruct fibres are continuous within the pellets which can be customised in length from 4mm to 25mm. SFT compounds contain fibres which are generally much less than 1mm in length and are discontinuous within the pellets which are approximately 3mm long. Polystruct compounds are versatile and can be processed via a range of processes such as injection moulding, extrusion (sheet and profile), compression moulding and thermoforming. Polystruct can be offered based on a range of polymer choices including but not limited to PA6, PA66, PA12, PPA, PBT, TPU, PP, HDPE. Polystruct reinforcing fibres include Glass, Carbon and Basalt fibres.

Long Fibre vs. Metal

Markets & Applications

Polystruct (Long Fibre Thermoplastic – LFT) is amongst the fastest growing thermoplastic materials segments in the world. Automotive companies are leading the way in finding new innovative uses for materials like Polystruct to reduce weight, replace metal, improve efficiency, consolidate parts and improve the overall cost proposition of their products. Other industries are catching on fast in their understanding of the benefits that Polystruct can bring to their product innovation process. Other key markets include Sports & Recreation, Building and Construction, Safety, Mining & Agriculture. Polystruct is currently used in a range of industrial applications where load and environmental issues rule out the use of more traditional materials.

Why not consider Polystruct LFT compounds in your next project. The friendly team at Duromer would be only too pleased to assist you to understand the potential benefits on offer with the range of Polystruct LFT compounds available today.